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Looking for the title of a book...?
with a picture of a schoolgirl (in black and white) writing on a chalkboard while lifting her skirt to show the teacher behind her. Most of her "exposed" parts are covered by a blue box with the books title in it. What book is this? Thanks.
It's Francine Prose's Blue Angel. You might be able to find the book in
I'm trying to remember this movie where this man and a girl are traveling in a car?
The girl lifts her skirt and says, "I know you like the schoolgirl look?" That's all I remember. Anyone remembers that movie? It played on Cinemax once.
It might be American Beauty
Jokes for u... Funny or not?
1. Q: What is the closest thing similar to a woman's period?
A: YOUR SALARY. It comes once a month last 3 –4 days & if it doesn't come, you are in deep trouble!

2. A lady visited her doctor again, Dr. said: U look more sick & exhausted then b 4. Are u having 3 meals a day as I advised?
Lady: WHAT? I thought u said 3 MALES a day!!!!

3. A boy pulls down his pants in front of a girl & asked" Do U have this? "
The girl lifted up her skirt & said," My mom said with this I can have a lot of THAT!"

4. Schoolgirl: I do not want to take the SEX EDUCATION. Class
Teacher: Why not?
Schoolgirl: Someone told me the FINAL EXAM would be ORAL!"

5. Mother asks daughter, how is married life? Daughter shyly says like BRITISH AIRWAYS. Mother reads the ad & is shocked " 7 DAYS A WEEK,TWICE A DAY,BOTH WAYS!

6. A baby dog asked mama dog how papa look like? Mama dog reply: How I know. Your papa came from behind & I didn't have chance to see his face" !
Great jokes. #4 is and old one, never heard #6 before.
A star for you!!
I'm in a state of shock. should i seek help?
i'm a 45 year old man. recently, during a high school reunion, i reconnected with a friend, john, i haven't seen in more than 20 years. we exchanged numbers and he asked me to visit his property in a remote area in a foreign country (i don't wish to name.)
i thought he would be lonely. he is also 45 and not married. he was also a bit of a weirdo in high school. the property is a strip of land almost completely isolated from the outside world.
when i finally arrived, i was shocked by what i saw. around 8-10 teenage girls ranging from age 14-19 came out to welcome me. they were all clad in schoolgirl uniforms except they were baring their midriffs and their skirts were way too short.
john told me that he adopted them mostly from eastern europe and latin america and he also homeschool them since they were little.
in a way, this looked like a prep school. girls were assigned dorm room except no one took studying seriously. they all seemed like sex-starved whores, constantly flashing their thongs and lifting their tops.
john explained that his education is to mold them into good little school whores. he tied them up during detention and spanked them with authority.
pole dancing was also a big part of their education (there is a pole dancing contest every friday night) as are the use of dildos.
naturally, i felt completely out of place and disgusted.
the girls were so naive that they didn't know they were being brainwashed and manipulated. they always dressed like skanks.
one of the girl went to the principal's office (john's office) for saying f*ck this school, but when she came out, the only thing that got f*cked was her.
a lot of them like to show off their boobs in random occasions. they also jerk off a lot and sometimes piss in public.
john also served them drinks and get them wasted before he takes advantage.
in their mission statement, the girls are to achieve less inhibitionism and to basically turned into f*k whores. the younger girls mostly dressed provocatively without going topless/nude while the sophomore walks around topless, bottomless, or nude. the fully brainwashed upper classmen are essentially john's dirty whores.
john showed me his student profile consisting of name, date of birth, age, bra size, height, weight, and shoe size. he dresses them up differently everyday after "class" (where uniforms are enforced) is over.
there is the pool party every weekend. girls get wasted and do all those unspeakable naughty stuff. he gives them baby oil, hard alcohol, and several dildos that he use to double penetrate them.
i feel so filthy after this experience that i cant even look at my wife and guyren in the eyes.
what should i do? should i seek help?
I think that is horrible, and yes, I would call the cops immediately. You don't need help, its that man that does.
While reading this, it was disgusting, if it is 14-19 year old girls, that is definitely guy pornography, and he can be in jail for a large amount of time.
Especially giving them alcohol. The girls will get help, and you just need to call the police on that man. If you don't know the address, then go with them, and show them the place.

Tell your wife what you have seen, don't tell your guyren, it will scare them, but tell your wife, so she knows that its not her that is doing something wrong, just be completely honest with her. Honesty is the best thing, and if you need any more help, get a counselor, but the first thing is PLEASE call the police.

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