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How to get rid of a little cellulite on the butt?
My butt is shaped like hers, but not as toned. How can I get it as toned?…
I have a little cellulite that I want to get rid of. How?
Cellulite is tricky since you don't have to be overweight to get it. Skinny people have it too and I think once you get into your mid 20s, most everyone has at least one small patch of it. Try toning the area. Walk uphill on a treadmilll, do squats, lunges, deadlifts anything that works your glutes. You have nothing to loose by trying right?
Will God forgive us for doing this in church?
My girl and I went to church and we sat in the upper gallery where nobody else was. She opened her legs and I put my hand up her miniskirt and felt what was insider her panties.
Oh good. A guy is using the computer during summer vacation. Do your parents know you are on the Internet?
What's the brand of Adam Sandler's Red Shirt (Scene w/ jessica Biel) in I Pronounce you Chuck and Larry?
here's the picture of the shirt :
What is the Deal with the Lame Maxim and FHM Photo Spreads...?
Hilary Duff (Maxim) and Hayden Panettiere (FHM UK)

Each just did Photoshoots for Men's Magazines, yet the choice of clothing and body posture could just as easily been featured in Nickolodean or some other guyren's article.

Whats the freakin deal, these girls want to pose in the magazines show that they are now women and want to be seen as a sex symbol then why dont they step up and have a real photoshoot. ( Bra/Panties, Bikini, other barely coverd postures Like Megan Fox did for Maxim and FHM)

Hayden Best Photo from her shoot:…

Hilarys Best:…

The Kind of Picture they should have taken

Example From Megan Fox:…

is this really a question or a blog? i think you can blog on myspace. As for choice of pose, maybe thats what the photographer wanted. its art, i think the pictures look fine. You disagree, who cares. Are you one of those people who wonder whats going on with rad and Angelina, or watch for news on Britany?
Do you think these would be sexy?
i've thought about these for a while here are the two i want. rate them on a scale of 1-10 of how sexy you think they are.
if you are opposed to tattoos or w/e i really don't wanna hear it so don't waste your time

ok...i want this first one right below my hip bone, like where the side of bikini cut panties would hit. in the "v" of a girls body ((i hope you all know where i'm talking about. and yes, they do each have a meaning, so don't ask.

this would be dark blue, not red…

and this is the other one i want.i would like to put it @ the top of my breast ((um dunno if you need to know to judge but just in case, i'm a 32 C))...and rate this one on sexiness 1-10.…

If these designs work for you then go with them, personally i find theyre very bland and simplistic. The heart is more feminine but the breast area doesnt age well,maybe look at putting somewhere else. Another idea would be to take those designs and encorporate them into something more artistic. Maybe adding something around them so theyre not just BAM there. A wave swirling behind the anchor, or a swirl around the heart.

However it is your tattoo and ultimately your choice. Maybe going to your artist and talking it over with them would be an idea, they can fit the design to your taste and your body contours
No i'm not a perv, i'm just curious?

These are the New York Islanders Ice Girls. I was at the game last night and one of them was standing right in front of me with her back turned to me, so of course like any straight guy I looked. Again, i'm not a perv but I noticed that she didn't have a panty line. You can see their uniforms in this picture, do you think that its the type of pants that prevent panty lines or was she wearing a thong or no underwear at all.
they do make panties that the panty line doesn';t show through the clothes. I'm suprised you haven't seen them before since you like ot look!
Wth.. why is it that when Lady Gaga dresses like a complete slut everyone says it's "fashion"?
But then when someone else (not mentioning any names) wears actually fashionable clothes that are perfectly fine, she's the worst person in the world? I mean look at this recent picture of Lady Gaga just walking around:……

idc HOW old she is or what she does that is not fashion, that's just being slutty. But of course people will say it's okay just because it's Lady Gaga .. >_>
Okay , im a fan of gaga but i dont think thats "fashionable" or "art" and yes i do agree with you its kind of slutty but she is an Adult not a Teenager like miley

MOST of miley's fans are just guys thats why its very wrong for her wear stuff like that .

Hilary , i said most not all , i know alot of guys who are just obsessed with miley cyrus and still is
What to do about a perverted artist on deviantART?
K long story cut short, please excuse my raging swear words.

There's an artist on named Teruchan whom I think is just downright ******* perverted, wierd, and a tad bit racist. **** I'm all up for porn and all but he is just taking the piss. Half of his art gallery consists of aged looking girls in perverted positions (some pieces have actually been removed due to how exploited they were), and other wacky ****. I've been through some of his comments and he seems obsessed with "panties", even asking girls as young as 16 for panty shots from what I've read-and the sickening thing is that actually take photos for him because they think he's such an awesome person (most popular artist on this website btw), and he's supposed to be in his late 20's. I mean SERIOUSLY. I've personally even emailed him but he seems to like ignoring those who confont his ways and how ****** his attitude is on the site itself.

Now how the hell can I convince the moderators of deviantART of how "odd" this artist is and to get him off of this art community website for life? He's been banned so many times in the past, but always gets away with it-and I mean ALWAYS, which I don't understand. They must be ******* blind to keep lifting the ban off, it's assholes like him that ruin the artistic spirit of the website, practially brainwashing little teens (majority girls), into his little army of fans who go crazy after anyone who insults him.

I'd like some advice or something. Anything really, any little thing that may help towards getting him banned again-but FOREVER, this time, as it annoys the **** out of me to see him still roaming that site day by day.

Just to sum it up, a few links related:

I know Encyclopedia Dramatica maybe an insulting website but it's the best one to give you a clear idea about "Teruchan" and how wierd he is.

Thanks for your time.
when i started reading the first paragraph, i thought all of this was hilarious.
now that i'm finished reading, teruchan scares me a little bit. him being obsessed with panties & naked girls in their teen years is disgusting. i'm not trying to be offensive, i'm just being honest here. he IS going past the limit and he SHOULD be banned, sounds like needs some reporting too for not doing what they're supposed to be doing.

maybe you could start a petition to get that pervert of and before you start a petition, report him and see if he does get banned.
How would i play up this dress?
I am 21 and im going to my work christmas party. it is at an art gallery and i work at a i HAVE to look cute but appropriate. i love my dress. but i dont know what to wear with it. i will probably wear some panty hose or fish nets and def. heels. i dunno what shoes would look best though. or what accesories to wear to make it pop. please help!!! oh and the dress code is "cocktail attire"

Since it's a v-neck line, I wouldn't wear a necklace, since there is already enough focus in that area.
Try a thick cuff/bangle bracelet in silver or gold (depending on which looks best with your skin tone), simple earrings like studs or hoops. As for the shoes, purse, and belt (to make it look more put together), try a bold color, like yellow, red, blue, or even white, or whichever you prefer.
Less is more, and simple is beautiful because you'll look classic and elegant, yet stylish.

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