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Those japanese foot toxin remover pads, what is those black things in the pads after you take them off feet?
do you think its snake oil? or does it actually improve health.
It is a gimmick, the same as is the foot bath detoxes - what you are seeing is the reaction of perspiraton (which contains salt) and perhaps skin oil and other items on the bottom of your foot with the gunk in the foot pads. You would be better off eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of healthy water and perhaps using natural cleansing items such as parsley, chlorella and cilantro.
Do the Japanese live with 8 feet of each other?
I heard something like that, or that in Toyko there is one person per square 8 foot. Like it's so populated that no matter where you go there is someone within 8 feet of you. Is this true?
Very much plausible. With 876 people/square ft. It is true that there is a person per 8 ft. Not legitly where there is literally a person every 8 ft but account for the two people in the car together, or the 20 people on a dance floor. Spread everyone out then there would prox be a person every 8 feet. But they don't necessarily live 8 feet from each other.
Have you ever use those japanese feet detox..?
hi, i just wanted to know if anyone out there has ever tried them Japanese Feet detox patch before if so...does it really work? can I get some feedbacks on these kind of products so that way I have a clue...

ABC's 20/20 did a show on them proving that they don't work.

What would be about the average length and width in feet of a Japanese home for two parents and one guy?
Just curious. I'm playing with floor plans. I find them fun.
Well, the average floor area is 94.85 square meters (1,021.0 sq ft). So, let's say 30ft by 35 ft.
How do you combine these adjectives describing this noun in Japanese: "Big, wide feet"?
How do you combine the adjectives "デカい" and "広域” to describe 足?

this is my attempt:

Is this wrong?
>Is this wrong?

Wrong. 広域 is used on areas on the earth like the one using squire miles. Not used on feet.

デカい is a but too rough. But it's not wrong.

大きくて広い足 is good translation.
Why do Japanese girls sit with their feet facing the opposite side of their body?
What I mean is like.... Their thighs are out in front of them but their legs always seem to turn and they fee points outwards, I have nothing against it, To be honese its cute and i would't mind sitting like that, But does it hurt them or Is it apart of their tradition or something? My musles around my thigh seems to hurt when i try to sit the way they do ..so yeah, Im not Eligable to sit like that.
How do you combine these adjectives in Japanese: "Big, wide feet"?
I'm so confused..


Is this wrong? How do you say it

デカイ is crude a bit.
広域 is suitable for geography.
Is 100 square feet enough living space for a Japanese dorm/apartment?
I'm looking into going to Japan as a EFL teacher and one of the companies I'm considering applying to puts its employees up in apartments that, according to their website, are roughly 100 square feet in size.

Considering this is Japan and space is at a premium, does this sound like enough space for one person to live in for an entire year?
That would be really small. I've lived in some small apartments but nothing that small. But, I have people living in places like that on TV. Usually, they don't have their own bathroom or kitchen. Basically, they have to eat, sleep, and do everything else in that one small room. One guy I saw didn't have a shower or bath so he washed himself using water from his mini-kitchen sink.

Apartments (rooms) like that tend to be fairly cheap because noone wants them. Also, no one builds anything like that anymore so they are always either very very old or converted rooms.

If you're planning on spending most of your time outside, do most of your eating outside, use public baths or showers alot, and have only a small amount of personal belongings then maybe you could survive for a year with a hot plate/hot pot, a futon, a small TV, etc. But, I can't imagine it would be very comfortable.

If you're planning on doing that you might want to try and find some kind of community house for non-Japanese/Japanese alike where you can rent a room. You'll have a common kitchen and bath but probably you're own bedroom. Plus you be around other people Japanese and non-Japanese so you have the chance to make friends and you won't get depressed sitting all alone in your tiny room at night.

Search the web. There's usually a few of these places in big cities like Tokyo or Osaka.

Some buzz words to look for when thinking about apartments in Japan are

L: Living
D: Dinning

For example, a 1LK is an apartment with 1 big room (combined kitchen/living area), probably one small unit bath/toliet. A 4LDK is a big 4 (bed)room apartment with probably a seperate bath/laundry room and offset kitchen. Japanese room sizes tend to very from place to place and are generally on the small side as well.

If you know the name of your company then go to a place like www.gaijinpot.com and ask about it on one of their forums. Chances are that some already working their also checks out that site and can give you more specific information.

Good luck

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